Slow and Steady Wins the Race: the Beginnings of The Turquoise Tortoise

Slow and Steady Wins the Race: the Beginnings of The Turquoise Tortoise

A Delayed Start to the Race:

Around ten years ago two sisters, Alisha and Ashlee, started conversations about going into business together.  It was a dream at the time that never fully came to fruition...until now!

The truth is, at the time, neither knew definitively exactly how they should go into business. 

But as the years passed, they each became passionate about unique crafty products they make.  Whether it was Alisha making salt scrubs and lip balms or Ashlee's scented car fresheners or the candles they make together, their excitement about the high-quality, handmade products they could offer fanned those flames of entrepreneurship again!

The Starting Line:

So here we are!  At the beginning.  As this is being written there is one product on the site.  There is no real copy or text to be seen on the site.  It's pretty much a blank slate.  And that excites us!  We have an idea of what we will become, but the future is going to be fun:

The a Marathon...and We're Just Getting Started!

Over the next days, weeks and months we will be adding more and more fun offerings!

In addition to the hand made in Colorado items we will have on the site, the Turquoise Tortoise is also going to have lots of other unique, boutique-type products for you (and us)!  Clothes, jewelry, knick-knacks, soaps, lotions, balms, and other things we just know you'll love will soon be featured on

So keep checking back everyday, because we are WORKING!  Check for more products, more updates on our progress.  

We know you have some good ideas, too!

Got any feedback or suggestions?!?  Email us your ideas at

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