What a difference a week makes!

What a difference a week makes!

If you read our first blog post, you know that we are just getting started!  It's been a week since putting our first product on the site and we have accomplished so much!  We have products available for ordering now, such as the Freshees scented car fresheners, and a ton of things that will be available in just a few days! 


We have the cutest graphic tees collection beginning to grow! 

Check this one out:

A little Dolly P and a little Cardi B graphic tee


We also have a section just for all apparel (tops, bottoms, sets, dresses... You get it)!


We are, in fact, just starting... But what a start it is!

We didn't just add a product or two over the past week.  We've also added jewelry (and are adding more in the next hours)!

Don't ya just love these:

Earrings with fringe are just a start!  Browse the Turquoise Tortoise for trendy, must-haves!!!


And we didn't leave out your furry best friend, either!  We gushed over these luxury-ish dog toys!  

Chewy Vuiton!!!  Oh my gosh, we had to get a few to offer:

Chewy Vuiton dog toys are our favorites!  We have them for each size!  Ruff ruff!

We are going to really enjoy this journey. One exciting thing still to look forward to is the new category of candles!!  We have so many scents coming in our own 4, 8, 16oz and mini Mason jar hand-poured candles that will be showing on the site in the next weeks!

Wanna see a label for those:

Turtle wax is the cutest name for a candle we could think of!   Hope you'll love our hand poured candles!

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